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The Akwesasne Career & Employment Support Services (ACESS) is an independent entity operating in Akwesasne designed to assist community members in finding jobs, provide quality training opportunities to attain jobs, and help clients reach educational goals.

ACESS is funded by the Government of Canada and is a client-focused program. To start the application process, clients should contact ACESS and develop their Career Action Plan with an ACESS staff member in order to identify the steps to attaining their employment goals.

**To find out if you are eligible to participate in any ACESS programs and services, click here.

How ACESS can help you
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ACESS Your Full Potential

Our Mission

The mission of the Akwesasne Career & Employment Support Services is to increase participation in the labor market by providing assistance to improve employabilty skills of all clients. We will accomplish this by establishing partnerships with employers, agencies, and educational institutions who will work together by sharing knowledge and resources to achieve long term employment results for ACESS clients.

"ACESS Your Full Potential"

Our Vision

The vision of the Akwesasne Career & Employment Support Services will be to provide assistance to Akwesasne clients collectively and individually, to attain the specified goal of each trainee by assessing and hosting varying levels of training initiatives.

ACESS will participate in the development of special initiatives deemed necessary to meet needs identified by the community. By enhancing the skill level of the participant, ACESS hopes to promote an efficient labor force.


A few clients we have helped over the years

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