Secondary Social Studies Teacher - Current Opening AIS
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Salmon River Central School District


August 27, 2021


Fort Covington, NY, United States







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Secondary Teaching/Social Studies

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Salmon River Central School

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Until Filled




Fort Covington, New York  12937
Telephone:  518-358-6669



Queries and applications should be directed to Angela Robert, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Salmon River Central School, Fort Covington, New York  12937.




Secondary Social Studies Teacher – Current Opening AIS



Immediately – Until Filled



September 2021



Salmon River Central School District



According to Salmon River Teachers Association Contract




  1. New York State Certification in Social Studies
  2. Knowledge of and experience in teaching NYS Social Studies Learning Standards
  3. Training and experience in Project-Based learning preferred
  4. Ability to establish positive relationships with students, staff, parents and community
  5. Ability to demonstrate cultural competency and responsiveness




  1. Provides AIS Instruction as assigned
  2. Plan, organize and implement an appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages all students to develop and fulfill their academic potential
  3. Implement new teaching methods and education tools, including project-based learning and performance-based assessment to create relevant and engaging learning experiences for students
  4. Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences that establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities
  5. Create daily lesson plans that are engaging, educational and exciting for the students, encouraging them to want to come to school
  6. Deliver lesson plans in a way that catches the attention of the students and keeps them focused and excited about learning; high engagement
  7. Integrate the use of technology to provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities, instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials and equipment, observe, evaluate, encourage and provide feedback on student’s performance and development
  8. Maintain accurate and complete records of students’ progress and development preparing required reports on students and activities
  9. Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures to promote and maintain a safe learning environment
  10. Participate in job-embedded professional growth that includes discussion of current research, examination of student work and performance data, goal setting and reflection on your practice to improve instructional effectiveness
  11. Engage and collaborate with colleagues and the community to develop and sustain a common culture that supports high expectations for student learning; coordinates with other professional staff members, especially within grade level, and participates in faculty meetings and committees
  12. Encourage parental involvement in students’ education and ensures effective communication with students and parents
  13. Utilize an adopted course of study, instructional program guidelines, and other materials in planning and developing lesson plans and teaching outlines
  14. Pursue a variety of methodology in teaching and instructing pupils, including modeling, demonstrations, hands on, Project-Based Learning discussions
  15. Plan, develop, and utilize a variety of instructional materials and aids appropriate to the intellectual and instructional level of pupils from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and who possess a range of mental and emotional maturity
  16. Review, analyze and evaluate the history, background, and assessment of pupils in designing instructional programs to meet individual educational needs
  17. Review, analyze, evaluate, and report pupil academic, social, and emotional growth
  18. Incorporate Data Driven Instruction, based on NYS aligned assessments, in evaluating pupil growth and progress
  19. Communicate with parents, school, and district personnel regarding pupil progress
  20. Incorporate differentiated instruction into all lessons and cooperatively pursue alternative solutions to student learning difficulties, and to enhance expanded academic, social, and emotional growth opportunities
  21. Respond to inquiries from a variety of sources (e.g. other teachers, parents, administrators, students, central office staff, etc.) for the purpose of resolving issues, providing information and/or direction
  22. Collaborate with instructional staff, other school personnel, parents and a variety of community resources for improving the overall quality of student outcomes and achieving established classroom objectives in support of the school improvement plan
  23. Provide opportunities when needed for individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil as needed
  24. Identify pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in helping pupils solve health, attitude, and learning problems
  25. Develops and administers Social Studies curriculum consistent with school district goals and objectives
  26. Teach students to develop high level written essays in response to critical Social Studies based issues
  27. Teaches knowledge of Social Studies, incorporating history, geography, economics, political science, systems of government, education, responsible citizenship and humanities
  28. Develops students' understanding of various racial, ethnic, religious and political groups and more, as well as socio-economic status, and the influence of various factors on human rights and freedom
  29. Fosters an understanding of the continuity and patterns of human behavior through the ages, and an awareness of the complexity and interrelationship of local, state, national and world problems and approaches to their solution(s)
  30. Demonstrates the manner in which the past provides a comparative basis from which to evaluate the nature of current issues and predict courses of action for the future, with continuous cross reference to contemporary matters of importance
  31. Develops students' research skills, interpersonal skills and ability to make critical value judgments and contribute to the thoughtful exchange of ideas, through a variety of reading, writing, group discussion and presentation assignments to stimulate self-reliance in problem-solving and drawing conclusions
  32. Promotes students' critical analysis of the effect media has on the flow of information and shaping of public discourse, and encourage students to seek out and compare alternative sources of information concerning the key issues of their world.



The Salmon River Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, political affiliation, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, military status, veteran status, genetic pre-disposition or carrier status, ancestry, disability or any other legally protected status in regard to employment opportunities or educational/vocational programs or activities which it operates.

This job is no longer accepting applications