Assistant Principal

Salmon River Central School

Open Until Filled

Job Description Details:

Queries and applications should be directed to Dr. Stanley Harper, Superintendent of Schools, Salmon River Central School, Fort Covington, New York  12937.


School Administrator – 12 Month

Immediately – Until Filled

July 1, 2020

Assistant Principal – Initial Assignment at High School

According to Salmon River Administrators’ Association Contract

Applicants must have:

  1. Appropriate New York State Administrator Certification

  2. Administrative experience preferred

  3. Knowledge of Haudenosaunee culture

  4. Community resident preferred

The school administrator reports to the Principal and is evaluated by the Superintendent of Schools/Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.


  1. Engage daily in communication and collaboration with high school principal to support goals of the building

  2. Assist the principal in supervising and evaluating school-based personnel

  3. Assist in developing, implementing and evaluating instructional programs and activities at the assigned school

  4. Assist the principal in providing an atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching

  5. Assist in coordinating the selection and acquisition of instructional materials and equipment

  6. Assist in coordinating all testing programs at the school

  7. Assist in the supervision and management of the school site

  8. Assist in the coordination and supervision of before and/or after school programs or activities

  9. Assist in selection and employment of school personnel

  10. Assist with the development and implementation of an effective staff development program

  11. Implement school board policy, state statutes, federal regulations as they pertain to the assigned school

  12. Assist in overseeing programs for students with identified special needs, e.g., Special Education, ESOL, and 504

  13. Assist with development and implementation of the School Improvement Plan, other Title I related plans

  14. Assist in identifying and writing grants to enhance school goals

  15. Facilitate the implementation of the code of student conduct in accordance with school and system policy to ensure a safe and orderly learning environment

  16. Assist in developing and implementing family and community involvement programs and initiatives such as business partnerships

  17. Support and assist in implementing the school’s student services plan and program; network with staff to support at risk students

  18. Analyze student performance data as a basis for curriculum improvement and staff development needs

  19. Assist in the selection and supervision of substitute personnel

  20. Assist in developing and monitoring the school budget

  21. Assist in managing student accounting and attendance procedures

  22. Assist in supervising transportation services at the assigned school

  23. Prepare or oversee the preparation of required reports and maintain all appropriate records

  24. Assist in implementing and monitoring Special Education programs and services

  25. Model and maintain high standards of professional conduct

  26. Set high standards and expectations for self, students, staff, school and others

  27. Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individuals and groups to task accomplishments

  28. Facilitate problem solving by individuals and groups

  29. Counsel with parents and staff to resolve problems and concerns

  30. Assist parents in contacting school and agency support services

  31. Maintain visibility and accessibility on the school campus and at school-related activities and events

  32. Use effective communication techniques with students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders

  33. Assist in preparing and disseminating school newsletters, memos and letters

  34. Make presentations to faculty, students and parents as requested by the principal

  35. Collaborate with school and system personnel in planning and implementing system initiatives

  36. Demonstrate commitment to and support for the vision and mission of the system and school

  37. Assist in developing and implementing positive public relations for the school

  38. Assist the principal in the development and implementation of procedures for dealing with school crises

  39. Deal with emergency situations quickly and effectively

  40. Deal effectively and appropriately with abuse situations

  41. Investigate student accidents and other incidents and take appropriate action

  42. Serve as a member of the district management team.  Communicate and cooperate with other administrative units to achieve district goals

  43. Perform other tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position

  44. Carry out any other duties assigned by the superintendent

  45. Coordinate and monitor grant-related activities in cooperation with Assistant Superintendent

  46. Assist in supervision of after-school activities and special functions (proms, dances, events)

The Salmon River Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, political affiliation, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, military status, veteran status, genetic pre-disposition or carrier status, ancestry, disability or any other legally protected status in regard to employment opportunities or educational/vocational programs or activities which it operates.

xc:  Building Principals; S.R.C.T.A


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