Website/Marketing Technician

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Open Until Filled

Job Description Details:

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Design and create a website for the NNATC, complete with maintenance and updates

  • Responsible for managing the promotion of products and services

  • Attract customers and raise awareness through the creation of marketing campaigns/audio visual

  • Develop museum virtual tours

  • Select and operate audio visual teachings and recordings

Qualification Requirements:

  • High school or post-secondary graduate in the areas of web design or marketing

  • Some relative work experience is required

  • Courses in computer science, communications or business would be an asset


  • Must understand both graphic design and computer programming; basic designing tools, HTML & CSS; programming languages, web server management, content management system, search engines, digital marketing

  • Must be able to pursue new ideas and a desire to understand a concept

  • Creativity, good people skills, adaptability and sales minded

  • Know the market trends, consumer preferences, sales ability, relationship builders, good observational skills

  • Knowledge of audio-visual equipment

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