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Below you will find a list of services ACESS offers. If you would like more information, contact us to speak to one of our Career Development Officers or Programs & Services Officers. We would be glad to discuss your options with you!

Career Action Plan (CAP)

An intake session that is required to gather all your employment/career goals. All participants must have a current CAP that is signed by the client and the Career Development Officer or Employment Officer.

Career Advising

If you can't decide on your future career choice or want to change to a new career, we are here to assist you. Talk with one of our Career Development Officers or an Employment Officer to discover the employment options available to you.

Virtual Reality (VR) Lab

How would you like to participate in a hands-on learning experience to explore in-demand careers? We currently have five programs: Heavy Equipment Operator, HVAC Technician, Residential Electrician, Robotics Technician, and Welding.

Tutoring Services

Upon requests we offer tutoring sessions during the academic school year. Ask for our Youth Coordinator if you would like to request a tutoring session or want more information.

Post-Secondary Support

To assist with funding for post-secondary students. All participants are required to apply to other sources (AMBE & SRMT Higher Education) prior to approaching ACESS. For more information see Client Eligibility under Post-Secondary (College/University) section.

Job Referrals

For Job Seekers, officers can forward resumes of qualified candidates to appropriate job openings.

The employment sharing team which is comprised of officers from Akwesasne Career & Employment Support Services (ACESS) and Akwesasne Employment Resource Center (AERC) meet every two weeks to discuss qualified candidates and suggest appropriate job placements for current job openings from employers.

Safety Training

If you need safety certification training for a job contact ACESS to see if your are eligible for funds to cover course costs.

Employment Supports

To assist eligible unemployed clients who have an employment opportunity/job offer to enter or re-enter into the labour force. These costs must be necessary for the client to start their new job.


Example of costs that may be covered (to a yearly cap of $1000): Union and Association Fees, work clothes, certification fees, initial testing fees, transportation outside of NYS/Ontario, tools, lodging, or a doctor's physical.


1. Cost Support:

   costs related to transportation to a job, reinstatement of a Union book, first book, tools or work wear

2. Training Support:

   specific costs related to safety training in order to secure a job.

Job Fairs

ACESS offers job fairs, recruitment fairs, and career fairs during the year. Check out our events calendar on our website to find out when and where the next one will be. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with all our upcoming events.

We also work with the Akwesasne Employment Resource Center (AERC) to assist you with services such as resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, networking skills, and access to their computer lab. To learn more about AERC, click here.

Increase Your Employment Opportunities

Introducing a new partnership between

ACESS & Contact North!

Are you looking to upgrade your skills and increase your employment opportunities?

Try an online course through Contact North!

  • Over 27,000 online courses to choose from

  • Many of the courses are FREE!!

  • Full online certificate, diploma programs, undergraduate and graduate degree options are also available

To learn more stop by our office on Wednesdays to talk with the Contact North Representative from 9am to 12pm.

**Computers & technical assistance available during this time.




  • Must be a member or probationary member of the Mohawks of Akwesasne or Akwesasne Mohawk Nation Office as defined by their Membership Codes, regardless of residency

  • Must have a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number

  • Are deemed to be Unemployed / Employed Disadvantaged / Underemployed

  • Have not participated in ACESS programs beyond 208-week maximum time frame (excluding SEED, START, Best Matches and Apprentices).


To be eligible to apply as a sponsor of an ACESS project, an eligible organization or employer is defined as one that has been in existence and fully operational for at least six months as demonstrated by:​

  • Register with Revenue Canada

  • Banking & Operations (payroll, administration, production, sales, etc.)

  • Proof of Insurance Coverage (WSIB/CNESST Comprehensive General Liability) for participating clients for the duration of the funded activity at a level appropriate to the activities to be undertaken​


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