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"I would recommend ACESS to anybody who needs help in the employment arena.  If you are willing to put in the effort, ACESS will assist you in achieving your goals.  What a great program!"



"ACESS has been tremendously helpful in assisting me with my educational goals. I am now educated in the VFX industry and will be working on Hollywood movies. ACESS has helped me transition into a new career. If someone needs help, I believe you can count on them."


ACESS held a 15 week welding course with SLC that I enrolled in, and this sparked my interest and gave me the motivation to enroll in the SLC 2 year apprenticeship welding program. If it wasn’t for ACESS providing me this great opportunity  to experience welding I would’ve never went back to school as a mature student and graduated from Welding School and find success in the trades industry.



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