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Interns & Apprentices


The objective of this program is to provide clients with career opportunities which will lead to continuing employment by providing on the job training to increase client experience and to provide an entry into the workforce of the host employer. The apprentices aspect of this program is intended to assist clients who have expressed that they intend to complete the requirements necessary to be registered Journeymen in one of the skilled trades.

Program Description

Projects funded under this program may be offered in a combination of services that will assist:

  • With the elimination of significant barriers which currently prevents the securing and/or maintaining employment

  • Individuals having difficulty making the transition from home to work

  • Individuals having difficulty making the transition from school to work

Eligible Participants

In addition to those previously mentioned in the Eligibility Requirements,

  • Clients who have the capacity (training) but lack experience

Eligible Employers

To be eligible to apply as a sponsor of an ACESS project, an eligible organization or employer is defined as one that has been in existence and fully operational for at least 6 months as demonstrated by:

  • Registration with Revenue Canada

  • Banking and Operations (payroll, administration, production, sales,etc.)

  • Proof of Insurance Coverage (WSIB/CNESST Comprehensive General Liability) for participating for the duration of the funded activity at a level appropriate to the activities to be undertaken

See a Program and Services Officer for more information.

Financial Limitations:

  • Wages

  • Merc (NFPs)

  • Off-site purchased training

  • Special Costs for Disabled Persons


Minimum: 16 weeks  •  Maximum: 52 weeks

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